ASMRtists Ditching YouTube For Vidme?

We’ve been seeing reports of ASMR content creators having their videos either demonetized or set to limited advertising, without too much explanation or assistance from YouTube support. Also to note this seems to be hitting other channels recently as well so not limited to just ASMRtists. We believe YouTube, possibly under pressure by its advertisers, is pushing to have ads only displayed on videos which meet some sort of criteria or genre. What does this mean for the people running these YouTube channels? It might be time to jump ship and find alternatives for maintaining a revenue stream.

In enters Vidme. According to their site, Vidme offers video hosting with the ability to integrate ads and have paid subscribers. For users who want to run a video channel with all videos within following a common theme, such as being ASMR related, Vidme looks like a logical choice. YouTube’s origins were more about random videos and continues to be useful for this purpose, but the advertising crackdown means you’re unlikely to make money off your videos unless your content happens to match what YouTube wants. While YouTube may soon be alienating the ASMR community, Vidme appears ready to pick it up as they’ve already got a specific ASMR category for channel videos.

While content creators may find it to be very time consuming, running channels on both YouTube and Vidme is an option. If you maintain your YouTube following while also getting started with Vidme for ad revenue, it’ll keep your YouTube viewers happy while also allowing for them to eventually migrate over to Vidme to follow you. Assuming you’ve got the time, it may also benefit you to explore other opportunities for exposure as it may help you increase your viewer base. This may include other video sharing sites, a content aggregate such as Reddit or simply keeping fans engaged via social media. Of course, nothing will beat quality content so we believe that should be your primary focus.

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