PayPal Freezing ASMRtist Accounts

We’ve received reports of PayPal accounts held by ASMR content creators being frozen by PayPal, with a 180 day hold on all funds and seemingly no way to appeal the decision successfully. From looking at Twitter posts from ASMR Glow, Creative Calm and other, the accounts started getting frozen a few days ago. Our best guess is they’re classifying all accounts related to ASMR as adult content which is a violation of their Terms Of Service. While this is definitely a bummer for content creators, everyone needs to keep in mind that PayPal is not a bank and is not subject to the same regulations. We would recommend you DO NOT store money in your PayPal account.

For ASMR content creators using Patreon, using the direct bank method is probably the way to do it. This of course is assuming this same thing isn’t going to hit these other services. We’re not familiar with the specifics of Twitch but that may also still be an option.

ASMR is not traditionally known as being adult content but there does exist content which pushes the boundary of the true ASMR definition. We would fully expect this type of content to be banned from certain forms of monetization, but having all ASMR content subject to the same restrictions is a great way to kill off a number of channels. We’ll keep an eye out for updates on this situation.

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  • Nick

    That’s bad, really, but there’s a bright line on the horizon: SpankPay. It’s work in progress but seems to do a great job opening payment channels that are not prone to being frozen without any warning 🙂

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