ASMR spa? The Spa Club in Toronto offers ASMR

This is something we didn’t really expect to see coming around, but given the massive popularity of ASMR on YouTube it doesn’t come as a huge surprise. It seems “The Spa Club” in Toronto, ON is advertising ASMR options on their spa services. Triggers include personal attention, hair play, soft speaking, water sounds and massage among others.

You’ve Seen It On YouTube – Now You Can Experience ASMR With Your Treatment Right Here In Toronto!

ASMR is experienced in different ways but predominantly as a tingling sensation that begins in the head and scalp and can travel down the spine into the arms and legs and through the entire body.  ASMR is being already being offered in American Spas and now you can try it here in Toronto.

So if you’re in the Toronto/Scarborough area and want to give this a shot, see this page for more information.

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One thought on “ASMR spa? The Spa Club in Toronto offers ASMR

  • January 17, 2018 at 12:55 pm


    I have a wellness YouTube channel/Instagram and I am looking to interview an ASMR artist. I am a HUGE fan of asmr. My favorites are Gentle Whispering, Whispers Red, and ASMR magic to name a few.

    Would someone be willing to do a small interview on camera? I think Torontonians need to know about the beauty and tranquillity of asmr.

    Thank you!


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